Frequently Asked Questions

With the callus file you can first make the callus/hard skin spots porous and more permeable for active ingredients. The second step consists of tabbing the spot with the pen applicator to release some anti-callus lotion. Because the top layer of the horny skin is removed first, the fruit and salicyclic acid from the pen can dissolve the callus or hard skin spots more easily. This double action of Pen & File can effectively help you removing local spots of callus or hard skin.

By using the pen at the first time; you have to turn the pen several times before the lotion comes out of the tip.The tip has to absorb the lotion first before it come out of the pen.


Podosan Peeling Socks can be used by hard skin on your feet, local calluses build up and dry and cracked heels.

The Peeling Sock applies a special gel formula, which is designed to break down callus and hard skin in a single step. It accelerates cell metabolism and makes the dead skin peel off, leaving you with silky soft feet in just 1 treatment.

Remove the peeling socks after one hour and wash your feet with warm water to remove the remaining gel.

To keep your feet silky and soft; use Podosan Peeling Socks every 2-3 months.

After the peeling process has finished, apply some Podosan Callus Invisible Sock. This protection foot foam helps against build up callus and hard skin and keeps your feet soft and smooth after removal of callus or hard skin. Do not use any créme during the peeling process, that will stop the process.

After the peeling process we recommand to use a high level of sunburn cream. This because the new skin is very sensitive to effects of UV radiation.

We recommend not to use the peeling socks during pregnancy and breastfeeding because your skin is extra sensitive during this period.

No, there is one size which is suitable until shoesize 47.